Terry Wakefield

Specialty: New Product Development

Terry Wakefield

Terry Wakefield
Leading our new product development practice, Terry Wakefield has a passion for making food which tastes great and is also good for you.

His extensive specialty foods industry background includes being a seasoned C-level executive with a career which encompasses work with Fortune 100 companies like Kraft, Nabisco and Pepsi, as well as smaller organizations like Seattle Chocolates, Madrona Specialty Foods and Bissinger’s Handcrafted Chocolate.

Mr. Wakefield has ran a 6.5 acre bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturing facility (including the process/product development activities), was the chief chocolate officer of a gourmet chocolate company and was Senior VP/chief chocolatier of a chocolate company which had its origins in making chocolate for King Louis XIV.

With an education in Food Science & Technology, Mr. Wakefield has worked in plant quality control, corporate quality assurance, plant management, product development and business management.

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