Candy Goes to War Project


Curtis Vreeland is currently working on Candy Goes to War, a unique piece of informative research that gives readers insight into a hitherto little-known realm of confectionery history. His research illuminates how, where, and with what effect chocolate, candy, and gum, normally symbols of peace, have been used to sustain soldiers during combat, generate goodwill in war zones and enable victories.

Candy Goes to War chronicles the role that confectionery products have played during times of war, from the American Revolutionary War to today’s Middle East conflicts. Sources of research include historical documents, veterans’ testimonials, company archival information, citations in popular literature (Hemingway, Ernie Pyle, Rudyard Kipling, and others), and an amazing gallery of images.

The book is slated for publication in late 2018.

Curtis is always eager to capture veterans’ reminiscences and to learn about other confectionery products used in conflict zones. Folks with stories to share should call his message line 717-695-2584 and leave a short recorded message. This message should include your complete name, spell your name, phone number, service & years of service (if applicable) and a very short summary of how your information relates to his history project. You can also contact Curtis via email at



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