Confectionary & Chocolate Research

Vreeland & Associates is the Industry Leader in Confectionary & Chocolate Research

United States Chocolate Retail Sales

Vreeland & Associates is a leader in confectionery industry research. Thanks to our relationships with major providers of syndicated sales data, we provide quantitative research and analysis to help senior confectionery management, industry associations and chocolate makers make better informed business decisions.

Examples of our customized confectionery Industry research include usage in:

  • Company Business Plans: providing key industry economic indicators and sales trends.
  • Non-governmental Organizations: evaluating options for future investment decisions.
  • Associations and Key Company Customers: presenting informative and entertaining industry updates on current confectionery market trends.
  • Media: quantifying the sales potential of a new product or flavor trend.

Existing articles and reports are available for review and/or purchase within the iKiosk.  Please contact us for specific confectionery and chocolate needs.

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