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The Bean-to-bar phenomenon: “Micro-batching” grows up

The bean-to-bar movement has awakened America to a new chocolate renaissance, not unlike what happened in the mid-twentieth century to the California wine industry. What’s driving this trend? And which manufacturers offer equipment scaled specifically for this craft niche? This article, originally printed in the Candy Industry Magazine August 2015 issue provides helpful equipment specifications and costs.

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2016 US Chocolate Market Factsheet

This 3-page executive summary includes key industry indicators for the U.S. overall chocolate industry, as well as the premium and ethical chocolate segments. Discusses market size, growth forecast & sales drivers, and product trends. Designed for chocolatiers desiring the latest information for their business or marketing plans.

Download instructions: First save the document to your hard drive and then open it from there. Otherwise, the download will time out.

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2016 Confectionery Flavor Trends Report

Hotter, bolder, bitterer are some trending flavor characteristics of new confectionery and snack products. Compared with last year’s flavors – maple syrup, nuts and honey – these flavors seem dialed-up, in your face, not unlike our raucous political climate. These are some emerging trends spotted in Vreeland’s 2016 flavor review.

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